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USB driver

Motorola C350, C450 and C550 have hardware GPRS modem(4+1). Phone is connected to computer with trivial USB-miniUSB cable. Modem in phones works with computer as USB modem, and phone promotes ATI commands(can use in Linux). This driver is compatible for Motorola C350, C450, C550, perhaps C650, V220, V180. Please write me your expirience. You will have to install this driver, if you want to use other programs.

Motorola C350 USB driver

Download (1,2 MB)

Install progress: Download this file. Install the driver by advice in setup program. After install connect phone to the computer. Windows will found drivers and install it.

Warning: After install  Motorola USB modem use same com port, like dial-up modem. I must disable one of this modem, if a want to use someone.

Other P2K drivers only for Win XP. You need it for some programs for image, sound atd... For more information write to

Motorola C350 USB driver(XP)

Download (23 kB)

Win98 Drivers

Drivers for Windows 98 and windows 98 SE in selfextract packcage. Unpack drivers to somewhere and in dialog of installing new hardware take path to unpacked drivers. Very simply.

Windows 98 drivers

Download (275 kB)

Programs for phone

Motorola Manager

The unique program for Motorola C350/C450/C550 which I can download. It can work with Phone list, messages and diary. For use you have to install USB drivers.

Download (0,9 MB)

Mobil Edit

Universal program for mobile phones. New version support Motorola C, but it cant work with messages and diary. You can synchro. phone list with Microsoft Outlok. You can download on (6MB) but some versions has virus, which deleted hard disk.

P2K Tools

New version of this program can in ATI mode work with phone list, messages, diary and much more...


Downloading J2ME from computer

Motorola C450 and C550(perhaps C650, V220, V180) cant download JAVA aplications from computer. Because it have same Java client as T720i, C450 have this function only lock. If you want to unlock it, you have download original Motorola Product Support Tools 6.0 and patch, or use Motorola Service Software.

Download pst and this drivers. Decomprime this drivers and conect phone to computer. Run Pst and take in driver window way to P2k drivers.
Tak file-new-KJavaFile and icon for read data from phone(mobile with dart). Click on button  Enable/Disable Java App Loader Menu.

P2K Tools

Run P2K tools(in P2K mode), click on conect and wait, when the phone is conected. Take menu - other features - java - java app loader. Then click set and restart your phone.

The unlock is in preference for java. After unlock will appear on menu Java preferences Java download.


You can upload applications to phone with this program from Instructions for use are on program package.

Download (0,3 MB)


Motorola Cphones cant download media from computer with original m-service. You must use wap or P2k programs, but its dangerous.

P2K Tools

For use u have to install phone us modem for example by this divers

New version of P2K tools has 2 works mode. First ATI can work with messages, diary, phone list... and second P2K mode has same things as old version. But it has much of news(creating theme files, added new unlocking tools for hiden menus and much more).

For install u wan't download p2k drivers, because they are on subdirectory of program.

P2K Tools

Download (1,4 MB)

P2K Tools

For use u have to install phone us modem for example by this divers.
New and best program for download or upload images, sound .. to mot P2K compatibile. It also can tabular edit seems, unlock java app. and many other... If you want unlock some menu, you must restart your phone. This program works only in Win XP. For first run you have to download P2K drivers.

P2K Tools

Download (0,6 MB)



For Win 98 or me you have to install PST. Aftre download P2Kman_PST. For download file from mobile you must download file twice.

Download (0,2 MB)

Download (0,2 MB)

For Win XP or 2000 download P2K drivers and P2Kman. Conect phone and run P2Kman. Put way to P2K drivers.

Download (0,2 MB)

Download (0,2 MB)

Download this libaries, if you want play aplications for Nokia phones. Libaries copy to JAR file, and rewrite JAR size in JAD file(MIDlet-Jar-Size)in bytes.

Libaries from Nokia(com.rar)

Download (6 kB)

For creating graphic themes download this program. Before use you must install JAVA Media framework.

MMS 1.5 Windows


Files for developer are on Files are from Motorola, inc.


Detail specification for Motorola C450


Download (0,2 MB)

Detail specification for Motorola C550.


Download (0,2 MB)

.Manual for Java client on Motorola C450/C550.


Download (0,9 MB)

Media guide for Motorola C450/C550. Described how make motomixer groovers.


Download (0,3 MB)

Specifications for WAP 2.0. From .


Download (0,2 MB)















Java Hry









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